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Ok I just had to stop in and see how large this has grown. Holy &%$* that’s a lot of posts.

People will use ugly sites if they’re useful (even if they’re not all that usable sometimes). Look at Craigslist or Reddit.

Yeah… I couldn’t agree more with this more. I for one REALLY appreciate awesome design and clean UI and an overall “pretty” experience. However… there’s no arguing with facts. Craigslist, Reddit and 4chan are some of the ugliest sites in the world and have arguably more cultural impact than all the “pretty” sites combined.

Ugly and functional sometimes wins. Look at the CLI… NO ONE has found a more efficient way to do things… so it lives on.

BTW: I am NOT a 4chan anon, nor am I a very frequent Redditor. Just stating facts. Hell, I don’t even really use Craigslist but for once in a while. But… people DO use these sites in droves.