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I’m just trying to make the point that tools help us solve issues. If someone uses piece of software you don’t like it doesn’t inherently make it bad. You might have had bad experience with it. That doesn’t mean someone else might not reap any benefit from it. DW is bloated sure. But why is that such a bad thing. You still have full control of the code. Being feature rich is not a negative. And it’s not about the tool it’s about how you use it. I’ve been working with DW for a while, we still support legacy projects requiring us to work with DW templates. Whenever I need to do my job it does what I need it to do. Why is that bad?

For me it was a difficult jump from WYSIWYG editor when I was just a beginner. It takes time to memorize everything. Even now I’m still like “what’s the table syntax???”.

I moved away from DW when I felt comfortable. And I ended up on ST2 and now on ST3, but I’m more and more using PhpStom. And I guess that’s bad to, cause it’s bloated.

We’re often in our own bubble and think whatever tool we use must be good for that guy. I just have a problem with this thinking. You have to experiment and try new things. What works for me might not work for you, and wiceversa.