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I don’t get this point. Why would it look different? It’s just HTML/CSS like anything you’re writing by hand. You just have GUI for it.

Dreamweaver’s GUI is still not a browser and will not render things in such a way. There’s a reason as to why there are countless results when googling differences between Dreamweaver’s live view vs a browser. Here’s one on SO, for example.

Suggesting to someone to use simple text editor, assumes that the person knows all the html tags, how to properly structure page, etc

But there are editors out there that have the same functionality for pop-up tags/auto-completion. I believe there is a package/plugin for ST2 also. That’s actually how I have my editor setup. And please correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t DW encourage inline code? I haven’t used it in quite a while but that’s how it used to be.