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Ok Ive got first:
I have a list of <li> which are append by an ajax. This <li> contains two boxes, one which is the one that has to be clicked for the other one to appear. The one who appears is kind of like a shadowbox.

Second: This div, the one that opens up, has a form inside which is the one I want to submit to change the information on the inputs. Everything works fine: The inputs ,the buttons, etc. All except the input type=File. This input file is hidden and can be clicked by a onclick function I gave to the image I put in the form. But the input file explorer wont open. It does know it is being clicked on, but the event which opens up the file explorer wont open.

Third: I tried many ways of making the file explorer open. The one that worked for me, was taking the input file outside the <li>. this way when I clicked on the image and the file explorer does open. The problem with this is that I need the input file to be inside the <li> cause there is where the form is. I cant put the form around the list item cause then the second box wont open.

So I need a solution or reason why I cant call the event from the input file to open up the file explorer.