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Yes I do use it as my primary platform.. is that bad? Im still learning what Im doing. Well I save it every few minutes so It should revert even if I didnt save it the last time

Using it as a design tool, for experimenting, working out how you want something to look or function …sure, good.

Using it as version control, or even just for storage …way bad. It’s not a tool for saving your work; it’s certainly not version control.

  • Save your work (at least) locally.
  • Version control (e.g., git) is highly recommended, even for simple, one-person projects. Even if you never need to revert (or even learn how to), it becomes possible, and that could single-handedly save the day.

I FEEL LIKE THE MAN RIGHT NOW! Somehow I accidentally deleted a closing quotation on one of my links and it screwed up EVERYTHING

Glad you solved it.

Another good reason to work locally: any good code editor will help you find simple syntax errors like that. There are many out there to choose from. Stay away from “website creation” software (e.g., dreamweaver, frontpage, etc.). I use komodo, which is open-source, cross-platform (linux/ mac/ win), and the “Edit” version is free.