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Well, yes, it is; but that’s not what I was referring to. I am active on css-tricks because I enjoy the community here, and helping out people with their projects where I can. I’m not here looking for other sites to frequent (which is not to say that I shun other sites, I’m just not actively seeking them out). Coming here and asking for feedback, or help with coding issues you can’t quite solve on your own, is entirely appropriate. While I know you don’t have any ill intent, please understand that actively trying to move people and conversations away from this site, to your own, is not really “good form.”

I do understand your desire to get people visiting and active on your site. This will happen naturally over time. In all honesty, right now, your site is not ready; having fewer, less dependent users is probably not a bad thing. What you have done so far seems like you’re on the right track, but the UI and other basic features still need more work. From what I can tell, you’re probably going to come to a point soon (regarding your HTML output issues) where you suddenly find yourself deciding to rewrite the whole thing. Yes, I have been through this myself: the first time I did a content-management-like project I had no idea that I was not ready; and I scrapped the whole codebase twice as I learned new things that did not ‘jive’ with the old things I knew. It’s a long, exciting, frustrating process, but it’s what took me out of the ‘beginner’ stage.

As always, I’m happy to help where I can.