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I have to disagree with this, respectfully of course. Text makes up majority of websites that is why typography is important, even more so for minimal designs. What if Mib70 suggested to use Comic Sans? Would you then agree with your answer?

Well…. I think it’s safe to say that Comic Sans is one of those fonts that’s generally accepted as ugly/wrong/bad, so I see your point, but then still, I probably would’ve said the same. Maybe his site is aimed at children? Either way, it’s also safe to say that Arial and Helvetica are fairly “neutral” fonts, which is why I said that. But of course, you’re right. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a lot more complicated.

Open Sans I’d say go for at least 20px


Well, try it. Starting from 20px and up, it’s where it becomes “large enough” to be “comfortable” to read. With Arial and Helvetica I think that’s at 16px, but for Open Sans, which looks like it’s smaller in general, I just suggest 20px.

By no means I claim I’m an expert on fonts. Merely stating what works for me, and (what I believe) works in general. :)