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Are you self-employed?


Can you give me an example of what you do to practice?

Honestly, I just come up with ideas for sites or specific designs and just start coding it. All my html is hand-coded the old-school way. I don’t use jade or markdown or haml or anything like that. Although haml and jade are nice to look at.

Then, I just style everything via CSS using SCSS. Then, I write my JS. That’s a workflow that works for me.

Now I’m converting my website to wordpress.

I would probably steer clear of WordPress if it was me. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with WordPress. But, I think it adds a level of complication that you don’t need right now. I’d work on scratch-coding a few static sites first. Ones you’re REALLY proud of Then, I’d move on to content management.

If you feel like you’re ready for a CMS, I’d look at something a little more lightweight and with less moving parts.