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@Jtwa11 I went to school for Political Science and Philosophy. Those were my first loves. However, I decided that they are both more of a hobby/casual interest for me. I still read the great thinkers now and then but that’s it.

I took just a HANDFUL to tech related classes. I took maybe 5 total. One was like entry level webdev and another was CS1000. In the former, we studied HTML only… no CSS. In the latter, we studied Java, which I’m convinced is too hard for a novice.

So, the answer is: not really. And no webdevs I know went to school for it. The vast majority of coders I’ve talked to are self-taught. And with all the resources out there… it’s so easy now. And the barrier to entry is so low in terms of cost. It costs almost nothing to be a webdev. Internet access will be your biggest expense.

Hope that helps. The fine people (regular contributors) of this forum have lots of great resources if you need them. It’s easy to learn man, you just have to want it.