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I usually use divs and spans, but in this specific case i thought this was the way to go. It’s a series of questionnaires so it is pure data. I build this questionaires and import them into the main website.

I am still a beginner but i found it alot more challenging to build these with divs and spans, maybe i am not skilled enough :D.

The responsive part isn’t used here, as these are filled out from a really little group only on desktop computers.

The part with the hr is just true. I was lazy and it’s not the way to go =/.

I do not understand this part (my english is not good enough !)

Thirdly, there are clearly 2 ‘blocks’ of data: the one with 2 questions and the one with 4. Threat blocks as blocks, instead of using them in the same table, split up the tables and use 2 of them. Preferably even place them in a div.

I wonder if you have an example of a questionaire build with divs and spans.

PS. On the site you mentioned the logo will disappear behind the image on small screensizes.

Thank you for all the input and the time you have taken to show me my mistakes !