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I think we are dealing with two problems at the same time.

My two-column-solution at the first page has been a temporary solution for the too wide full width content of my Genesis Minimum theme. So if I’m able to solve how to to shrink those paragraphs the two column solution problem will be gone. (The problem with the <br /> solution is that the top paragraph of the second column will merge with the bottom paragraph of the first column on small screens. – if there is a simple solution to that I’m glad, but for the moment it isn’t necessary)

I have added

p {
width: 70%;

at the bottom of

/* Defaults Genesis Minimum 2.0.1
———————————————————— */

Two problems arise:

1) The paragraphs aren’t centered.

2) It destroys the responsive design = it shrinks the paragraph width on small screens to 70% too.