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Thank you, both of you! I reinstated the other website, so now it works again. It’s a random URL so I don’t think my students will stumble upon it (it’s an old version of my website that I no longer use).

As far as fixing the look for the submenus for OWL: do you think there is no way to change the submenu hover for just this particular page on my website so it is less than 200px? I did left-align the nav bar giving the last page a bit more room on the right for the submenus to drop down, but it still hangs over the main content of my page, which looks weird.

The odd thing is when I am editing, the dropdown menu looks fine (it actually opens to the left, not the right), but I can’t get it to look the same once it is published. I’m attaching a screenshot so you can see what I see in edit mode. I am unsure why the live version doesn’t look the same. Any thoughts would be appreciated.