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Please, do not “dump” code on the forums. It makes it very difficult to read/ navigate the discussion. Small amounts of code necessary to demonstrate a problem are fine, but always use code blocks so it is formatted correctly. If you need to share large amounts of code, use codepen or make a gist on github.

I have the width of the “container” set at 100%. I have two “sidebars” on either side of the “content”. I believe my website is 1600px wide …

No, as you pointed out, your website is 100% wide.

Just FYI, your site doesn’t seem to lay out properly on larger screens, either: likely the same problem.

The administrators at the FThemes support forum have told me that the problem is that the “container” width is set at a percentage value …but, they won’t give me the CSS code I would need

Well, it’s a free theme that was not custom made for your site. You should either use it as was intended, or find a theme that does (or have one built). Given the fact that you are not using the theme as intended, there is really no fault in their refusal to provide a “fix.”

When working with website layouts, you need to consider different screen sizes. You can’t design for one window size on one monitor and assume it will work everywhere.

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As for your specific problem, the reason things are moving out of place is that you have a container with a width that does not match the total width of its contents: sometimes things will wrap unexpectedly (because there is not enough space), sometimes things will not wrap when you expect them to (too much space).

Try setting the #container width to match the total width of its children (the 1600px you mentioned). This might solve things (though it makes the theme decidedly un-responsive), or might cause other problems, but it’s a place to start.