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Thank you guys! However, it’s still not quite what I’m trying to achieve.

Paulie_D: No, I wasn’t meaning for the nav to keep that gray background, but when I tried to get rid of it using a negative top margin, it screwed with the height of the header.

I like the pseudo element idea (makes way more sense :P )!

I should’ve mentioned that I tried the same thing you did (putting the nav inside the .main-page-bg) but the top of the background still doesn’t “stick” to the bottom of the header.

I’m going to have a photo of me there eventually, and my issue is that I don’t want my face to be cut off initially (the skater guy’s butt is cut off now, until you scroll down past the header).

Kingslayer: That’s closer to what I’m wanting, but I would like the background to be fixed so that when I continue scrolling down the page, the text scrolls nicely over the background.

Getting closer, thanks for all your input!