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@soronbe: I will have to rethink it tomorrow ;)

: Your solution also had the problem that it does not get pushed under the image div when being resized a lot. I personally dislike,however it’s effective, playing around with margins and paddings like that. Often i search for a cleaner solution.

: I had not yet though of lists! Your solution seems quite interesting. After altering a few things this so far seems te best solution too. I do have a few questions: 1) Did you alter any of the code I had supplied(except for the html-list and corresponding css)? Making sure I didn’t miss anything. 2) Why the left-margin of 100px on the list? Deleting it doesn’t seem to make any difference on full size, and when resized the box jumps nicely too the side under it. You can see it in my version (I made both boxes a list too):