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UPDATE: iframes just don’t work, because I’ve figured out that iframes make internal code local to the iframe, meaning that it cannot access functions outside of the iframe, so I get errors causing most of the page to disappear.

I’ve started using DIVs and putting a class on that.

I’ve tested and to no avail, see the image.

I’ve also tried it with Body as well and it won’t work.

What I’ve also realised with NG’s source code is that the iframe that embeds the Twine game into the element has scrolling turned off by default. Would that cause the scrollbars to not appear regardless of what I do with the HTML document?

EDIT: I did try replacing the “id” text with “class” to link to the class properly in the CSS but the same visual output occurs. This is why I changed to DIVs instead, but apparently Newgrounds doesn’t seem to add the scrollbars to the embedded object correctly.

In short, Object A (my game) is being embedded to Object B (the iFrame element with scrolling off by default). Object A would use CSS to add scrollbars to force them back on, but I have not had any luck with it yet.