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Greetings Traq,

Sorry. I have this bookmarked and I’ll get back to you with more help, but I’m probably going to be less-than-available for a few days here.

Not a problem. I too have had other irons in the fire these past weeks which hasn’t been conducive to my keeping this matter clear in my mind.

In the meantime, consider whether you would be satisfied with staying on the same page and simply displaying the “success” message in place of the form on a successful submission.

Yes, that would be Ok, even better when considered as it keeps the site them constant instead of being directed to an out-of-place plain white page.

What would be the best way to clear the information entered in the form after it is submitted? I see that the info previously entered is still cached after using the back button. I really want potential trolls, etc to be as discouraged as possible from abuse, and if they have to repeatedly re-enter info I don’t think they would stick around and do that. I know there are ways to do this, or does the token do this? It doesn’t appear to function properly if so.

Best Regards.