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Greetings Paul,

You’ve touched on one of the unknowns that I was going to ask traq at the end of his “tutorial” he has been giving me on how to create a contact form, and a secure one, from scratch. I’ve figured a lot of it out, but jumping into PHP while learning CSS has been a challenge. I got so enveloped into the PHP form, trying to understand its functions, that I had forgotten some basics of CSS.

Since you’ve touched on it, and I’ve no idea what creates the down arrow, where is the code and what does what? In the Codepen it looks like the text is atop the button, which is due to the gradient which I tried to apply to the button only but coloured the box background in my original attempt. I’ve remedied that now so it looks normal.

Seeing that these select boxes and buttons are useful for many applications, I want to understand how they are created and what their limitations are in styling.

I use Firefox and have given up on IE. I’m thinking of downloading Chrome, but am unsure.

Many Thanks!