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I’ll have to strongly disagree there and say it’s quite the opposite.

I’m talking about the way in which fonts are licensed. Font licensing practices were created at a time when things were not easily pirated in a digital world… back in the print era. Now, licenses are essentially on the honor system. It’s really, really, really easy to steal a font and turn it into a web font with the help of Font Forge. That’s horrible. The reason quality fonts are SO expensive is because they get stolen all the time. So, the people who do pay are in effect punished monetarily. Foundries don’t say this but it’s true. It’s an out-dated model.

I am in no way saying that typeface designers shouldn’t get paid. Quite the opposite. I think what they do is wonderful and they should get paid. The model for licensing needs to change though. That’s true in fonts, movies, music, art, etc. Technology crept up on all these industries and they were all WOEFULLY unprepared.

I wouldn’t say adding domains to a dashboard (, localhost) would be considered a restriction.

It is for the project I’m talking about. I’m packaging themes right now for a client who has NO IDEA where these themes will be used or by whom. We have absolutely no way to know in advance the domains that will use these themes and want the fonts that go with them. On a distributed project like that, Typekit won’t work.