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Re-ordering is nice… but SO MANY other problems can be solved with flexbox too! I’m really tempted to use it for a client project… which requires to some degree an OOCSS approach. Like, elements need to be completely agnostic to many, many things. Complicated grid frameworks just don’t really work all that well for the type of rapid prototyping we need.

It looks like with some weaving together, I can get support for flexbox down to ie10… not terrible, but not great either.

I remember people saying this time last year that flexbox was just a year away from being production ready. Seems like it’s still not. When in the world can we start using this instead of hacky grid frameworks??

Note: SCSS + Flexbox is really, really amazing. With a few quick mixins, you can hand roll a grid framework that meets every single need you have. Equal height blocks and DOM order (although the order doesn’t REALLY change in the DOM… same result though) that used to take quite a bit of JS become trivial and easy.

I might just have to use flexbox.