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I took it down out of concern after receiving the email. I don’t have any real concerns about it as the IP shows it from Bosnia and the email given checks out as legit and fits with the IP. The message was gibberish like it was a test.

I didn’t add any active emails and did not change the example emails you gave in fact. I knew in doing so it would make the form active.

There was a form similar in appearance to what we are doing, in another file on my server, which has now been deleted. It wasn’t an active form either, but removed none-the-less. These were the only two forms that might have been available, but it seems finding either by chance online a long-shot. I just thought someone saw the link to the form were are working on in a prior post of mine, clicked it, and gave it a try.

I’ve not installed any contact forms from Stablehost, if available.

I would like the finished form to display the senders IP address as part of the received communication as this could be helpful.

I’ve been looking over the coding since yesterday and am not quite as lost as yesterday. Still some questions but will wait until everything in place and then ask anything outstanding. I like to try to figure things out on my own while seeing how things like this are put together. I want to know what each function and code does and why.

Best Regards.