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Thanks for the input. I love that infographic by the way.

I am well aware of the elements that need to be there as I’ve already made one TOTALLY custom theme. However, this isn’t sustainable. 100% custom takes forever.

I know what all needs to be there. An photo container here, an h2 there, a paragraph here, this links to that… blah blah blah. But… their system involves a third party in this whole equation. Basically, this third party can use their system, click a bunch of buttons and it spits out a website… my website. I don’t know anything about the particulars, because I’ve never even seen the code. But… it doesn’t matter, I know what content needs to be there.

I’m not against Bootstrap or Foundation at all. I’m just wondering what the right tool for the job would be. Maybe instead of creating custom themes, I can create a custom, generic structure that I can make many themes from. I don’t know.

Additional thoughts?