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something about the sharpness of the lines and exactness of the orientation conveys something more grown-up.

This is definitely what I was going for. It’s like… the excitement you had as a kid but more grown up and refined. It’s sort of how car companies will incorporate “super car” elements that speak to everyone who played with Hot Wheels.

It makes it seem like the top (back) corner is too pointed …adding a little bit of perspective could be a good thing.

This is sort of intentional. I think the lack of perspective works slightly better for a logo and I kind of feel like logos don’t need to be bound by the laws of physics. Like for example. Technically, exactly half of the cylinders should be white. If the light source is lighting up the left side of the block, the left side of the cylinders should be white. But it somehow doesn’t look as good that way.

Also, this is somewhat of a statement I’m trying to make. The web is not bound by the same laws as the physical world. Perhaps the non perspective is a bit of a subtle statement that many won’t notice or care about but I kind of do.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Oh… and I am aware of this: