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I’d be a little careful of it looking like a Logo piece!

Trademark struck down in the EU:

There is precedent in the US Supreme Court that trademark protection would not extend to functional aspects of a specific product (which is the basis of the EU ruling as well):

“It is the province of patent law, not trademark law, to encourage invention by granting inventors a monopoly over new product designs or functions for a limited time, after which competitors are free to use the innovation”.
—Qualitex v. Jacobson Products Co, (93-1577), 514 U.S. 159 (1995)

The design patent has expired:

Further, it’s not like your product/ services have anything to do with blocks, or even toys of any kind. And Lego seems to be focusing its efforts on the original brick design, which is 2×8, not 2×2.

tl;dr: I don’t think you need to worry about it. However, it is an interesting read.