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Greetings All,

I’m wondering if a VPS is a bit more than I need and extra expense without the justification for what I need?

I’ve had a site dealing with Steamships for 16 years and thought about not having a site anymore a few years ago because I’m known to the point a site did little for me. I have entered a new realm of establishing museums, expanded my role as a consultant, and am engaged in other projects that are again requiring my having a “web presence” even though a couple of these projects will be partnerships and we will be setting up other websites.

I didn’t keep up to date on web design coding and, as many of you know, I came here to learn CSS because the old way of doing things made an updated site limited in ability and slow loading. To make matter worse, I found that my host company that I had been with since the beginning had left me on an outdated server that only supports PHP 4.4.8 which caused problems creating a new site using PHP and CSS. After much bellyaching I was promised the server would be upgraded to allow me to update my site, and things improved until a few weeks ago when problems arose again. After more bellyaching I learned that the “fix” was only temporary and that I could sign up for a new server for only $9.95/mo which I should have been notified of about six years ago! Instead I’ve been paying $24.95/mo for what amounts to a hammer, chisel, and stone tablets.

What I presently need (I think) is:

Easy to use control panel that allows me to manage the site and access & send email (I hate pop accounts IE, etc and prefer doing everything from accessing email direct).

Storage for extensive graphics use, multimedia, and perhaps a forum.

Online store.

Multiple domains

I really appreciate everyone’s input and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on the above. I hope the added information is of help.

Best Regards.