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I disagree. Most reasons have been cited.

Not really.

I don’t disagree the web designers should be competent in UI development. I’m hearing a lot of “the wireframe -> PSD ” process should die. Well, that’s all well and good but that fact of the matter is clients want to know what their site is going to look like.

What’s you’re alternative workflow? Design in browser then show customer. This ultimately leads to a million emails phones along the lines of.

“Ahhhhh, the form isn’t working”

“The links don’t work!”

“What’s that latin?!?!”

Etc, etc…

I’m really not arguing for the PSD workflow but the above situation(s) is a real drag on productivity – especially for a freelance developer like myself and there is still a place for straight up designers out there – I work out of a co-work place and there is a girl there who is just this and works for Automattic.

– No hard feelings. Although I live in Denver, I’m from Boston. You can’t really dish out sarcasm and expect anything but the same back from our kind.

Also, I went to state Skool. My spelting is just fine :)