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I love PHP because I didn’t know any better.
And I hate Python because it hid from me all those years.

, Joe_Temp is right. Your friend should learn HTML. If you’re going to learn HTML, learn HTML5. You don’t have to call it “5” if you don’t want to, but, no matter what you decide, there will be parts of HTML that work everywhere and other parts that don’t. (Or do, but completely different and idiotic ways from browser to browser.) It’s just life. There is absolutely no reason to intentionally exclude the “new stuff.”

Tackle CSS next.
Then JavaScript.

Looking for more of a best practices when creating PSD mockups.

There are no such “best practices.” Photoshop is for designing graphics. While there are graphics on most websites, websites are not graphics. And while converting PSD mockups into a html and css is a marketable skill, you won’t be good at it unless you are already good at HTML and CSS. (Plus, it’s a tedious, thankless job.)

Wireframes > PSDs > Development. That’s how any agency or contractor worth of aptitude works.

I disagree. Most reasons have been cited.

… designers coming over from print need to start with leaning the basic principles of the web that are different than print.

Absolutely. Those basic principles are HTML, and then CSS. Starting anywhere else is a waste of time. Now, Joe_Temp’s claim that it only takes a day probably won’t apply to everyone. But you can pick up the basics fairly quickly, and then all you need to do is keep a reference sheet (and Google) on-hand.

Um, thanks. Wait, sorry, that was a not helpfull at all.

Be happy. It is helpful. No one is attacking you.