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Ahhh, gotcha. Your SASS syntax threw me off a bit but I understand what you’re saying now. You’d still have to always keep track of the prefixer mixin… which is easy enough. Add it as a snippet in your text editor, as a gist on Github… or some master assets repo.

I dig it. Now I understand what you’re saying about the added level of abstraction. But, it does make it slightly more complicated AND… it wouldn’t be any hard to edit/maintain the one we figure out earlier. At any rate… you’re right. I probably wouldn’t want to use it. Like you said, just use Bourbon if that’s what I want. Or Grunt for that matter like Alen said. But at the moment, I’d have no other use for Grunt. However, it still poses the problem that Alen pointed out. That is, I would have to be the one to keep up on web standards for mixins. Which… I totally get that it sucks.

What I’ve deduced is that there’s no really GOOD or CONVENIENT way to deal with mixins. Every method is about as good as the next. I can see no approach that has a clear advantage over any other.