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experienced developers will have fewer complaints about various providers… simply because they don’t rely on their tech support as heavily.

I would rather not deal with tech support ever… but unfortunately, there’s only one way to get an ECDSA key fingerprint… and that’s to run this:

ssh-keygen -l -f /etc/ssh/

…From the console, which Hostmonster won’t give you access too. You could do it via SSH… but that would defeat the purpose, since you should verify the fingerprint before connecting! But… YOLO right?! (Just kidding, don’t do that.)

I tried and tried and tried to explain this tech support and they didn’t want to listen. They seemed to be thinking “We’re not going to run some random bash command!” The problem is… if you’re a Linux admin and you don’t know what that command does… you should probably be fired.

And that’s the problem… you probably know more than the people that work there. So, just get a VPS.