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Hi Chris,

I know how to reference an ID, thats not my issue. I am not completely adverse to using them, and have used them, however in this particular circumstance I am getting quite lost in this. Its my first WordPress and the mix of PHP, CSS and generated HTML is a bit confusing is all. Had I been creating it from scratch in HTML/CSS I could get it done, but it needs a simple back-end as my friends don’t have a clue about any coding.

I am currently not sure if the css I created to centre align the navigation is preventing me from getting this all in 1 line. I need to see code to work out how it works generally, but as this is specific to my task I have been unable to find a guide on the web other than your solution previously.

I have changed the php to “secondary” now, but this has a load of css already set up which I have altered previously in the child theme due to it being an unwanted left navigation of the original theme.

I know how to use margin’s but until they are in the same line which I cant quite figure out, I can’t position them correctly.

Sorry I really dont mean to be a pain, this is the last of my big hurdles to overcome.