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I’d suggest using one of the wide variety of prefixer-type mixins in major sass libraries

Maybe I haven’t seen the right ones but I was looking at Compass’ site the other day. All their vendor mixins seem to add unnecessary prefixes. I don’t want a whole s*** load of unneeded CSS lines. You know what I mean? Before that, I was using this tool where you run your compiled CSS through it and it adds needed prefixes. But, even it was adding things I didn’t need, plus, you have to add a manual step… which sucks. Who wants to take their compiled CSS and then run it through something like that? No thanks.

What’s so bad about writing my own mixin for prefixes? I would think that if anything… LESS prefixes will be needed in the future. So, worst case scenario, my mixin will only become outdated by being too thorough. Or am I thinking about this wrong?

BTW, I’m not done with this mixin. There’s a few things I want to add.

, that for your help BTW.

, glad to hear you’re ok.