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I’m not sure whether verbal contract is enough.

“Enough” for what? If you’re asking from a legal standpoint, start with the obvious: can you even prove there actually was a verbal contract?

If you don’t catch my meaning: No.
A verbal contract is effectively the same as not having a contract.

More than that, most courts give the advantage to the customer, not the seller (i.e., you). You are the one who will have to prove every last thing you claim was part of your agreement. If your client says, “Oh, he never told me that, why would I agree to that?” then, unless you can produce an email or a receipt that notes it in writing, poof, you never told him that.

Is there any written contract for these sort of stuff? If there is how should I go about it. If there a hardcopy that I can buy?

There are plenty of examples online. Some are free, some cost money. Most, IMO, are not worth it. The best option is to hire a paralegal, who specializes in your field, to draft a standard contract for you.

I made logo for the client’s website. Do I charge him extra for that?

Did you tell him you would? and did he agree?

How do I go about copyright, is it just about buying copyright on the clients name? Do I also charge extra for that?

You need to learn what a copyright is. It is not something you buy. In most jurisdictions, copyright is automatic. Registering a copyright (e.g., with the US Copyright Office) only makes your rights easier to protect in court.

If you wish for your client to hold the rights to what you create, you should have an IP lawyer help you with it. Stop and think first, however: it’s probably not in your own best interest.