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Could you briefly explain what this block of code does for the ratings?

<style type="text/javascript">
$('.rating input[type="radio"]').hover(function() {
function() {
  $('.rating input[type="radio"] + span').removeClass();

Re the trading cards, I’m not happy with the navigation either. Ideally I want users to be able to see the cards without having to scroll a browser window which is why I moved navigation to the bottom of the screen for those pages. I’ll move the cards to the left of the screen and have navigation elements on the right and use a series of dropdowns (instead of text links) for content.

The website is left aligned in 1920 x 1080. In other resolutions alignment may be off. I am going to start making changes on it next week. My main aim was to get it online and get a set of cards printed as quickly as possible. I’m not happy with the results as the cards are the same size as playing cards so the text loses clarity although the company did actually offer to integrate a shopping cart and pay me a commission on sales so they must have liked the concept!

I’ve found a company that print large custom poker cards so will use them and if I’m happy with the results see if we can arrange a deal. I will add several more themes next month. Someone suggested using generic variables then allowing users to create their own fields but I wouldn’t know where to start and I imagine it would require changing most of the code so it’s probably better if I just create the tables manually. I have started to switch to mysqli. The query structure is still puzzling to me.