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I wanna try this. Can you please explain a little more. I looked into bootstrap.css but couldn’t understand much.

You wrote before you are ‘too new to all this’, but are you willing to deepen your knowledge of CSS?

There is this thing called ‘trying to run, before knowing how to walk’ , I know I did this, and still do sometimes, but at some point you will have to stop and make a decision if you are willing and able to continue investing time into something.
If so, there are books out there, and this website has some of the best tutorials on the subject you can find.
I will try to give an example of this kind of (basic) CSS-edit, or maybe someone else on this forum will, before I did.

BTW: Now instead of changing one variable name in a preprocessor file, one has to painstakingly edit lots of declarations in the rendered CSS, … but then working with a CSS preprocessor, before having a basic knowledge of CSS is like trying to run before knowing how to walk too , but maybe after that basic knowledge is there I am tempting to say: go for it.

Reading recommendation from this site:


Book recommendation