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The “dev repo” is also important because not all changes you push are going to be intended for the “live” site: future features, etc..

Yeah, I branch the shit out of my repos. Maybe I merge… maybe I don’t.

local machine » [github] » server (dev/testing) « server (live site)

Now, do the staging server and the production server have to be separate servers? Or do you just cordon off a part of the same VPS? Do you partition it? Ideally, I’d like to have it be as separate as possible.

Think about it… the whole point of Github is that you can upload your code and work with other people. However… what if there’s some malicious PHP that gets merged into the master? You can put it on your stage server/area but that’s not guaranteed to be enough of a quarantine.

But… what’s the alternative? Pull it to your home machine? All things being equal, I’d rather have something go wrong on my server. That’s WAY easier to fix.

Sorry I’m still hung up on security. I know I need a staging area and I’ll set that up… but I’m more concerned about security to be honest.