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Hey @traq, I’ve got a question about file permissions on this setup.

/srv/http, which is the localhost is owned by the root user. Now, it’s obviously not located in the / directory, but it’s got very strict permissions set and root owns it. This means, I can create read-only files with my user but I CANNOT mkdir anywhere inside of /srv/http.

Now, this really isn’t a big deal. But, it’s preventing me from git cloning in that location. So… I have two options. I can either keep root as the owner and everytime I want to clone/pull with git, I’ll have to sudo. Or… I can chmod/chown the directory to either lessen the permissions (probably a horrible idea), or I could take control with my user. That’s probably also a bad idea.

But, consider this: According to Github, they say and I quote:

You should not be using the sudo command with Git.

Read all about it here:

So, what do you think is the smartest thing to do in this situation?