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I removed all the other queries! Yes the query was exectuting, the data was written into the table and the while loop retrevied it but I still got the syntax error. It was a syntax error. I removed all the escapes then made sure it worked :

$query = "INSERT INTO films VALUES ('0', '$user','$formValue[subject]',NOW(),'$usercomments','$formValue[rating]','action')";

Then put them back in.

$query = "INSERT INTO films VALUES ('0', '".mysql_escape_string($user)."','".mysql_escape_string($formValue[subject])."',NOW(),'".mysql_escape_string($usercomments)."','".mysql_escape_string($formValue[rating])."','action')";

Finally no errors. I ‘finished’ the trading card generator website by the way. It needs a bit of work but the design and functionality is there.