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I just got the sickest domain name for this program:

Many of you might be thinking: “Why is that an awesome domain name?”

Linux users are thinking: “Holy s*** that is awesome.”

See here:

sudo !! or “sudo bang bang” is what you type when you don’t have the right permissions to do something in a Linux system and the system warns you of that. Type sudo !! and Linux will run the last command you typed as the root user… who does have the right permissions, allowing that task to actually happen. Now, granted, you have to put in the root password or have put it in recently… but still. It’s like Jedi Mind Trick powers.

It’s important for two reasons:

  1. We’re trying to elevate these kids’ privileges in life. We’re giving them the skills to type sudo !! to the entire world and create a better future.
  2. This program will be built around hacking and taking things that aren’t all that cool on their own and turning them into something incredibly cool. The domain name is a hack itself. Domains can’t have exclamation points, so we’re using the lower case ‘i’ to circumvent that.

Just thought I’d share.