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That’s not what I meant and I’m probably explaining it poorly and this is a mistype:

More than that, you can make it all owned by root

I meant to say that it’s chrooted. Anyway, the default user/group that owns the webserver in Arch is http, located at /srv/http. That’s where you’d put all your site files. That doesn’t change. Now, in this case, we would create a chrooted environment, i.e. $JAIL for all the files Nginx will need.

All the info is here:

Beyond that, I’ve restricted root login and ONLY connect via SSH keys and took the time to verify the ECDSA key fingerprint before accepting the connect… so I know it’s clean.

Beyond all of that, I think I should be fine because I plan on serving mostly static pages. I’ll be using Node.js for Ghost, but I’ll make sure that’s properly compartmentalized as well.