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So, obviously Linux systems really excel at setting permissions for various users/applications. It provides really, really fine-grained control over who/what can access what/where.

You can relatively easily lock down Nginx so that it can only access what it needs to do its job. More than that, you can make it all owned by root, so that no one can really mess with ANYTHING, should they somehow gain access to your server via Nginx, i.e. through some public facing webpage. This, it would seem to me would be real convenient with WordPress.

Now, provided that you run a Linux server, which I’m pretty sure you do(CentOS?), you can probably do the same thing for Apache. The problem for me is that Apache is SO much bigger, with SO many more files and SO much more code. It’s much, much easier to totally lock down the handful of files that Nginx uses and set their permissions accordingly.

I plan on doing this today.