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Thanks for your help guys. Unfortunately I can’t provide a link because the site is behind a development screen. But I’ve attached a couple of screen shots below to help.

Wolfcry911, you helped by asking about the container. It made me think of a new approach, where I created a new raw HTML container just inside the content container and then set the image in that. I tried using a background image, but it created all kinds of challenges, so I used a regular image. Because the content container is a 2/3+1/3 arrangement with the 1/3 column blank, I can place the image to the right with a max-width of 35% and it works well without encroaching on the text. But it breaks on very small screen sizes because then the text switches to 100% width.

I think I can resolve this by adding a new class and forcing the content to clear first on small screen sizes. But before I do that I thought perhaps someone had a more elegant solution.

Here’s the way it looks now with a normal screen size

Here’s the way it looks on a tablet

Here’s the way it looks on a phone