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Well, a few things I’d like to toss out there:

The 1px base size allows REMs without decimal values. So essentially 15px = 15rem. Seems more consistent with standard font sizes…plus it’s much easier to calculate. Is this bad?

The idea of moving away from “pixels” as a unit of measure is about focusing on the design aspect of design instead of the monitor itself. Regardless of what you think of that, relative units of measure (like % or em) are great for responsive designs… but not if you intentionally limit them to being exact translations of pixel measurements.

So, if you want to use px, use px. Trying to turn some other unit of measure into px just gives you the worst of both worlds.

when using a percent-based size, anything above or below 100% causes nested elements to size differently. The REM seems to correct the issue…

Percentages, like ems, cascade: they are relative to their parent em size. If you start with (say) 10px, then a div at 1.5em will work out to 15px, and a paragraph inside that at 1.5em will be 22.5px. I’m not saying that’s what you want, but they are supposed to work that way.