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I am having trouble visualizing the code

Remember that you can [right click]->View Source, or hit [F12] (most browsers) and look at the actual DOM.

When I am writing HTML, I try to remember to think about it as an outline (i.e., for an essay).

            <a href=...>sign in</a>
            <a href=...>home</a>
            <a href=...>menu</a>
        <h1>Start Selling Today</h1>
        <p>Accept credit cards …</p>
        <button>get started</button>
    <h2>set up in minutes …</h2>
    <p>signing up is …</p>
            <h3>Request your free card reader</h3>
            <p>sign up and …</p>
            <h3>Download Square Register—free.</h3>
            <p>Square Register is a free app …</p>
            <h3>Go places. Sell things.</h3>
            <p>Plug in Square Reader, …</p>

    You get the idea …


Well there was supposed to be div tags here but apparently I don’t know how to make them show up on my post

Use the [Block Code] button when posting blocks of code. If it’s a lot of code (say, if I have to scroll to see it all on a mid-size screen), you should use an online service like pastebin or make a gist on github.