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Yes, which require special installations on the server…

So I actually asked a question about this on Reddit a little while ago. This is a COMMON misconception that people have. They think that they need Ruby, Gems, SASS and Compass all installed on their server. Couldn’t be further from the truth but this is what ton of people think.

I think a lot of people are under the impression that SASS uses Ruby to process its syntax into valid CSS in REAL TIME, each time a page is requested. If that were the case, two things:

  1. SASS would suck and it would negate any gains with crappy performance.
  2. It wouldn’t be called a PRE-processor.

All SASS does, is take a new syntax/new tools and spit it all out as regular, vanilla CSS. That’s it. Just give SASS a shot. It’s awesome. And once you do, I guarantee you won’t go back.

I know for awhile Lea Verou was against pre-processors (not sure if she still is) but I think the argument against is a little half baked to be honest.