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I would put “Articles” and “Photos” closer to the top of the page, where they can draw more attention. Things like “collaborating groups”, “links”, and “member of” are supplemental information, which people normally expect to scroll down and find if they are interested.

I would also recommend choosing a single shade of green (adding a bit of noise, as in your BG, is good; the purple could use a noise pattern as well), and perhaps subduing both colors (they are a little bright now).

You might look at adding box- and text-shadows as well to make the whole thing stand out a little more. As it is, it looks fairly “trapped” in ten-years-ago land.

The font isn’t bad, but if you want to stick with it you’ll need to increase the font size. If not, then a sans-serif (or plainer serif) font, as ckubs suggested, would be a good idea.

Also, does anybody know how can I change my profile image?

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