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Isn’t that what we were talking about?

Sorry. Misread and mistyped that. My brain has been consumed with the VPS search lately. So that’s what I was thinking. As soon as I went to Tek Synicate… I realized I had mistyped that and didn’t bother to come back here and and correct it.

I’m going to check that out or put some kind of something in place so Comcast can’t destroy my dreams anymore.

I still haven’t invested in a mech because I’m really at a loss for what would be the best one to start with. I did go to Micro Center and type on some Cherry MX Blues. They felt really good, save for the fact that the key depression was too light. I’d like something a bit heavier and more tactile. Clears or greens might be what I’m after. I’d like to type on a few more to get a feel for them.