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Here’s a link to another post on here where someone is having the exact same problem as far as the transition not liking http://.

When I use <?php echo home_url(); ?>, that automatically appends http://to the URL. And, as outlined above, http://doesn’t let the fill color of an SVG graphic transition. It just makes the color turn on and off. So physically typing in the URL without the http:// is the only way to get it to cooperate and transition like a good girl.

However once <?php echo home_url(); ?> is removed, the link then turns to on the live site. Which will then result in a 404 error because that’s not a page.

Be aware…the odd fill transition behavior is only happening in Chrome and Safari. FireFox seems to have no issue. However that doubled up URL is happening in all when I replace <?php echo home_url(); ?>.

And yes I am using WP EssYeeOh, however I don’t have anything special in there as of yet. And I doubt that thing can control my home linking logo URL. And, no, no caching plugins.