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I’ve been coming to CSS-Tricks for years but just started participating in the forums about a year and half ago.

I try to share what knowledge I have where it’s applicable. But, this is more of a place where I like to engage, talk about things I’m into and share mostly opinion. I think for those just looking for a one off answer, this may not be the best place. Stack Overflow or even Reddit would be phenomenal for the quick “I need an answer” post.

For those who want to interact often with the same people, this place is awesome. Many of the conversations I’m involved in go on for 3-6 pages. It’s fun because I get to learn and grow with a group of people who are into the same things as I am. That’s fun.

I don’t think the CSS-Tricks forums should be gamified. I think there is a place for that and it is not here. Stack Overflow is world renowned for it’s strict guidelines and “RTFM” responses. That’s fine… because it’s actually a job placement service, not a forum. The quality of answers directly correlates to the placement commissions the Stack Overflow sales team can earn. I know this because a good friend of mine worked in sales for Stack Overflow and explained the entire business model to me, including the world famous “Hell Ban” etc.

These forums are a welcoming and friendly place for people wanting to learn. There will be some flakes… but there are a TON of people that love it, just the way it is.

Believe it or not, this is one of two sites I check at the start of every day.