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Do I need to look at the Youtube API here:
The thumbs are maybe JSON objects.
What really needs sized down is perhaps the titles of the videos, the thumbnails themselves are not that big, but the overall area is, and it does not size down responsively.

Looking at the script, I only see UL list items in a couple spots, if CSS has any effects on these I may be all set then.
From the ytv.js file:

 list += '<div class="ytv-list-inner"><ul>';
                            for(i=0; i<videos.length; i++){
                                    var video = {
                                        title: videos[i].title.$t,
                                        slug: videos[i].media$$videoid.$t,
                                        link: videos[i].link[0].href,
                                        published: videos[i].published.$t,
                                        rating: videos[i].yt$rating,
                                        stats: videos[i].yt$statistics,
                                        duration: (videos[i].media$$duration.seconds),
                                        thumb: videos[i].media$$thumbnail[1].url