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….they have little motivation to return.

IMHO they are doing themselves a disservice. I check the blog here and search old posts to try to learn new things. I just started CSS last fall, and yes like most others I came here because I needed to know how to create a new site using CSS. My site is still a work in progress and I want to modify it so it can be seen on smaller formats. For me there’s just too much knowledge here for a stop-by just to get enough information for a site and then toodle-loo. I’m not in a place yet to be able to experiment with all the goodies on this site, but once my site is up and I can have some CSS fun, you can bet I’ll be here.

Yes, there are other sites to glean information from but I’ve not found any with the wide coverage of topics and CSS tricks as this site.

Off the soap box now.